Selling in Cupertino

If there was ever an ideal spot to sell a home, then Cupertino California is it!

There are ways to make great gains and get more money from the sale of your Cupterino home. We encourage you to make your property look its best when showing to sell. Cupertino provides not only the ideal climate and atmosphere for home staging, but a setting that cannot be beat.

Staging the home is the art of presentation of a home. In staging your home you should keep a few things in mind. First; the home must be clear of all mess and clutter. This is a great time to start early on packing, and getting rid of all the stuff that you don't use regularly. Make sure that counter tops are clear and clean and try to remove any overly personal items such as pictures and drawings that are usually stuck on the fridge. The idea is to enable the viewer to picture themselves in the home. Reminders of current occupants take away from this ability.

Staging a home is all about creating an atmosphere that viewers feel comfortable in, one that will cause them to stay in the home longer and explore all that it has to offer. Think about what would cause you to linger in a home, maybe ask your friends, definitely ask your realtor. Try to focus on the little things like pleasant smells, trimming back large plants, lit fireplaces and snacks for the guests. You would be amazed at the effect that these small things can have on a home's selling potential.

Sell Your Home

Renovating your home before listing it for sale can be advantageous. It can bring in much more money in the final sale.

It may be necessary to think about renovation financing. There are two likely candidates for to consider. The home equity loan and the home owner's line of credit.

The amount available for a home equity loan is based on the amount of equity that is built up in a home. This loan is sometimes referred to as a second mortgage. It is calculated by taking the value of a home and subtracting the amount left outstanding on the original mortgage. If the home is paid for and owned outright, then the amount would be the home's value.

The value of the property is what guarantees the loan so the interest rate is low as well as the payments. It is also normal to be able to secure fixed interest rates for such loans.

Another popular financing option is the home owner's line of credit. This loan does not have a finite amount, save for the limit which is once again decided by equity. This is a popular option as it allows for a lot of room when considering costs. The loan operates much like a credit card, with a variable interest rate. This is certainly the most flexible of the options and does not have a definite end date. The line of credit remains open for as long as needed. It and do not close it out.

The best way to discern which type of loan is proper for renovation needs is to confer with a financial expert or banker. Prioritize needs and try to find a loan that is tailor made and best suited. Remember that renovating a home before selling can be a smart investment.


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More Tips For Selling Cupertino Properties

Hire a home inspector to check whether appliances are in good working order, the electrical wirings are all in order, and determine the state of the heating and air conditioning systems. A good home inspector should also scrutinize the exterior of the house, including the roofing. Have the inspector check the plumbing, ventilation and the general foundation of the house.

Improve your house’s appeal through cleaning, tidying up the yard and even adding a fresh coat of paint. Remember that first impression always makes a big impact on potential buyers.

Formulate a good marketing plan with your realtor. This includes considering pricing with your realtor, who will be the one bringing the clients to your house. Evaluate your asking price and try to adjust it with the current pricing trends in the local area. Get familiar with disclosure laws in the area. And finally, be discriminating who you allow inside your house. The value of a good realtor comes into play here, as it is always good to have somebody around who is quite knowledgeable and can answer questions regarding real estate.


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