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When you want to buy a home in Cupertino, you will want to make sure you have a loan or the cash on hand, before you begin the process of looking for a home. The process for purchasing a home in Cupertino is an exciting venture.

Consult a realtor to better understand market conditions of varying Cupertino neighborhoods.
Ask for special incentives in buying a house. Be very attentive on the financial terms offered by the seller and try to determine any possibility of reducing transaction costs, or getting credit for existing problems.

It is always good to consider the location of the house you wish to purchase. Try to avoid properties near busy streets or places where a lot of people converge at particular times of the day. This is to ensure the property will sell a few years down the line if needed. A property near one of Cupertino's good schools is considered a good find. Do not be discouraged if the house is located in a community with higher property tax, as this often translates to better services and infrastructures.



Cupertino is the 11th richest city with a population over 50,000 in the United States.
The median household income exceeds $160,000, as many households need two or more incomes to meet the high cost of property and living.

Cupertino remains a popular destination for homebuyers due to its clean environment and its easy access to many outdoor activities in and around the surrounding communities of Santa Cruz Mountains, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Campbell and more.

What makes a house more than just a home? What takes an ordinary home and shows buyers that they are looking at a higher quality California luxury home?

Luxury In Cupertino

Luxury home shoppers are generally looking for a home that is in a beautiful area with good schools. They are looking for elegance, prestige, convenience and amenities that make a home more than just a home. The Cupertino California area meets these criteria hands down.

Luxury homes may share a number of characteristics such as built-in wine cellars, a zero edge pool, waterfalls, breathtaking views, interior accents of cherry or walnut along with slate floors.

A luxury home in Cupertino California may even have an outdoor wet bar, a touch-pad automated security and lighting system, or even a multi-seat home theater that allows the owners to entertain a dozen of their closest friends.

Ultimately, the defining characteristic of a luxury home is a living space that is tailored to the owners' style, interests and preferences.

A luxury home is not merely a roof over ones head; a luxury home is a reflection of the individual, and what is important to them.

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Cupertino History


In the old days Cupertino had some grand Victorian style estates.

Both land and labor were inexpensive and there was plenty of wood, thanks to the extensive forests in the nearby Santa Cruz Mountains.
Today those old Victorian homes decorated with gingerbread trim are gone.  They were victim to rampant subdividing and development after WWII.

The Montgomery House Story

The Montgomery house
stood on Stevens Creek Blvd. It was the second home built by Alexander Montgomery on his property built in the late 1800’s.  The second home Montgomery built was a different style than the first, but after many years it was due to be torn down in the late 1980’s.

Bobby Bell was a man with a mission. Bobby was going to move into an old house on Stevens Creek Blvd., but just before moving in, the house burned down. Then someone offered him the aging Montgomery house. Initially he didn’t want it.  Later he was talked into taking it for $25 and was given some funds to move it.

The house was a large two story building. The interior had been damaged by boys running motorcycles up and down the stairs. Bobby had the house cut up into three pieces. Then he started arranging to get a huge truck to haul the house parts.  He loaded up and headed down Stevens Creek Blvd. in the middle of the night. Plans went awry, and a few mishaps later and in the wee hours of the morning, the truck and all the crew made it across the narrow bridge over Stevens Creek at the bottom near the Blue Pheasant Restaurant today.

At the old Cupertino Road turnoff, the truck moaned the sharp turn, slid backwards and the back end went up the roadside bank. Finally the following morning the truck made it around the hairpin turn, crawled up the hill and slowly deposited the house parts on a bare lot.
A year later the house was rebuilt and still stands today as a beautiful and proud reminder of Cupertino’s historic past.



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